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Thank you for your interest in our products. We want you to know that we take your security and your privacy very seriously. We do not share information with other companies, nor do we engage in any type of telemarketing. While searching for a safe, you are likely to encounter some very confusing information. Rather than wasting time trying to impress you with the typical claims of being the world’s largest and best, we have tried to give you as much useful information as possible to assist you in making a purchase.

There are several brands of safes on the market. Most are spin-offs of the brands we carry. We have been in the safe business longer than most of today’s manufacturers, and we’ve chosen to represent what we feel are the best products. Rest assured, if someone new comes along with a better line of safes, we’ll add it to our lineup. Some companies attempt to carry virtually every line of safes in existence in hope of landing a sale no matter which brand a customer may ask about. They may keep little, if any inventory, and ship all of their safes directly from the manufacturer. They may have never even seen the safes they’re selling. Limiting the number of lines we carry enables us to offer our customers better service. We could carry more brands for the sake of claiming a larger selection, but that would hardly put us in a position to offer a credible opinion when asked.

We are a stocking distributor, and at the time of this printing we had over 500 safes in stock including both gun and general purpose safes. This means you can have a safe in days, not weeks or months as is often the case with factory direct drop-shipments. When shopping around, you may find little difference in price from one company to another. We back every sale with our 30 day price guarantee to assure you of getting the best price. Of course, price isn’t the only consideration. We offer unmatched experience and service to our customers. If you are an N.R.A. member and have your fall ‘81 issues of American Rifleman when we began advertising, you will find we are the only distributor advertising safes at that time who is still here today.

Purchasing a safe through mail order understandably makes many people a little nervous. One area of concern deals with damage in transit. This is extremely rare, but it does happen. Our damage policy is very simple. Should your safe arrive damaged, refuse delivery and we will have it returned. Rather than subjecting you to long drawn out claims with the freight company, we’ll send a replacement.*

Another area of concern is purchasing sight unseen. We have absolute confidence in our products, and for that reason, we offer a 10 day return policy. Should you be dissatisfied for any reason with your safe, call us within 10 days of receipt for return authorization. We will credit the purchase price toward any other safe we carry. In addition, we will pay the freight charges on the safe being returned to us. All we require is that the safe be returned in unused condition in its original packaging. Naturally, this offer does not apply to special order items or to safes shipped outside the continental United States.

The bottom line is this; we want to earn your business. The best way to do that is to give you no reason to go anywhere else. From personalized service to competitive pricing, we are totally committed to customer satisfaction. Over half of our sales are through referrals, so we make sure our customers are kept happy. That’s why we are in our 20th year of business while others have fallen by the wayside. We look forward to serving your security needs.

* See details on order page