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Best Solar Panel Company in Oakley

California is located in that part of the world, where the sun is always shining throughout the year. It can be great to enjoy the weather, until the end of the month when you have to pay those excessive electricity bills. The greatest problem in the hot summer days is the rise in electricity bills. The higher the heat, the more electricity bills you have to pay. This is because, on hot summer days, you tend to use AC and fans which incur a lot of energy consumption. So during the summer, you should never rely on an electrical company. Instead, switch over to solar power!

Solar power is not only environment-friendly but also highly cost-effective. It’s not just about saving money, but you are also making your home free from carbon footprints. There are several other advantages of switching to solar power at home.

The most reliable company for solar power in Oakley is Semper Solaris. Semper Solaris is completely dedicated to providing high-class service to its customers, and the range of services starts from solar panel installation to roofing to battery storage. So you are getting all the three services under one roof. The main reason why most people prefer using a solar panel is that the electricity bills reduced by up to 90%.

There Has Never Been a Better Time for Oakley, CA Residents to Switch to Renewable Energy!

Why should you opt for solar panel installation in Oakley?

Solar panel installation in Oakley is not just about saving money, but it has other benefits too. Let’s see how you can get benefited: First, of all your total electricity bills get reduced by 90%. Solar power is the cheapest form of energy in the present day. Once you install a solar panel system in your home, within a month you can see the difference. Most of our customers are shocked by the amount of decrease in electricity bills even on hot summer days. When you have beautiful sunshine in Oakley, why not utilize it in the right way?

You must be thinking, what about the autumn season when energy consumption is not that high? Well, even if you don’t use solar energy in seasons when you don’t need AC, you have the opportunity to surplus the excess energy back to the electric company. You are saving the environment! Solar power produces clean and fresh energy that is environment-friendly. California itself is shifting towards renewable energy so it’s high time you take some steps from your end. The solar panels never produce any greenhouse gasses or harmful emissions that destroy the environment. Plus any renewable energy helps improve public health.

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Electrical companies use fossil fuels as their source of energy, this is leading to the reduction of fossil fuels from the earth as they are limited sources.

You can get rebates and tax credits from the federal government. The government is encouraging more and more people to opt for solar energy. To encourage the citizens, the government is paying every customer who installs solar panels at home. Depending on the total amount cost for installation, the government pays up to 30% tax credit.

You can also sell your SRECS back to the company from which you have done the installation. So as you can see there are a lot of passive income opportunities open for you. Potential buyers in Oakley are looking for properties that use renewable energy like solar panels. So when you install solar panels to your home it means you are adding value to your home. The overall price of your property will get increased by up to 50%. Therefore solar panel installation in Oakley does not only cut your electricity bill, but it’s also a valuable investment.

What is Battery Storage?

Semper Solaris recommends you to use solar battery storage along with installing solar panels.

But what is the use of battery storage?

Well, Battery Storage is a device that is used to save excess solar energy for later consumption. The device to attach to your solar panel and it gets charged with the same sunlight. The device is mainly installed to provide energy in the peak hours of the day. The time of the day when electricity consumption is most is termed as peak hours. During peak hours, the electricity rates are very high. The solar battery storage saves the excess energy during non-peak hours that is the day time and uses it in the peak hours. You can even send back the surplus energy to your company that is stored from this battery storage device.

Semper Solaris' solar contractors happily serve the residence of Oakley, CA to install solar panels and solar battery storage.

Most Reliable Roofing Company in Oakley

Apart from being the best solar contractor in Oakley, Semper Solaris is also known for its roofing projects. Our company is backed by Owens Corning’s warranty. Owens Corning is the world’s leading rooftop material manufacturing company. All our roofing projects are certified by Owens Corning which means you won’t have to think about the quality. The rooftop material that we offer in our projects is highly durable, waterproof and can defend natural calamities. Note that your home is your life’s biggest investment and so we do not want to compromise with it. Our partner is also offering complimentary hip, shingle, and ridge. This provides the roof with maximum efficiency and durability.

Solar Energy Oakley

When other companies are just focusing on shingles, our company focuses on not only shingles but also underlayment, insulation, barriers and different ventilation products. The roofing system that we build is completely extremely sturdy and airtight.

Apart from building a new roof system we also provide re-roofing facilities. Generally, when there is big damage on your existing roof, the only way out is to rebuild the roof. We provide a variety of roofing styles that are budget-friendly.

Contact us now Semper Solaris is a one-stop destination from where you can get solar panel installation, roofing as well as battery storage. If you do all three things at the same time from one single company, the final results will be more long-lasting and productive. We also provide a free inspection of your home. For any kind of consultation feel free to call us. Our customer care executive will be happy to assist you!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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