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Pittsburg clean air is due to homeowners taking initiative installing solar panels

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The Best Solar Systems in Pittsburg, CA

As Pittsburg residents, we enjoy the city we call home. We are lucky to enjoy the golden sunshine that most of California receive, but we also get something that a lot of others don’t, the lush green hills that surround the area and the blue waters that line our shores. Contra Costa County and other places around the Bay Area take pride in taking care of our land we call home. We have beautiful scenery and wonderful weather the entire year. The sun seems to shine no matter what the time of the year. Many people are taking advantage of the sunlight that we are blessed to receive in California by installing solar panels and truly soaking up the sun. According to SolarEnergyLocal, over 27,000 other residents in Contra Costa County have installed solar energy systems on their homes or properties. It is time to get behind the wave and start saving with solar today! Semper Solaris has all of your solar energy system needs, from permitting answers to HOA regulations, we know it all when it comes to Pittsburg solar.

Go Solar. Protect Pittsburg, CA

Pride in Partnership

Semper Solaris is a veteran-owned and operated company and we take pride in our values. We choose only the best materials when it comes to solar, by partnering with only the best manufacturers in the business, we can assure we are offering our customers the best possible final product at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on our five-star solar installation experience and hope to outdo any expectations you may have when it comes to the entire process.

Solar Panel models from Semper Solaris on a home in Pittsburg

Never Too Late

Solar has been around for many years now but one thing that is also true is that the technology in modern systems is light years beyond the older systems. The time to invest in a solar energy system has never been better, the long August summer days in Pittsburg are perfect for racking up that solar energy. Some people may question that solar may not be the best because the area experiences occasional overcast skies. Do not let a few cloudy days scare you away from the investment of a lifetime! Saving money on your power bill is only one smart investment away, so why not save the environment while saving your wallet?

Saving, Saving, Saving

When you install a solar energy system you will see a huge decrease in your power bill in just your first month…. And eventually, you might even see your bill disappear completely!

But the saving does not stop here!

There are Federal, State, and Local rebates and tax write-offs that are made possible when you invest in solar for your home. These incentives allow you to make a large portion of your investment in your solar energy system back through applying to these programs.

Your Pittsburg Semper Solaris has all the info regarding saving big when it comes to solar!

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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