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Install a solar battery storage with your solar panel installation from Semper Solaris

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Store Solar Energy for Later Use

A solar panel system can be a great addition to any home in San Francisco or a surrounding area. Already have solar panels installed and looking for a way to maximize your investment? The next step is to get solar battery storage added to your home. With the increasing popularity of energy storage, residential battery options continue to become more and more affordable. Semper Solaris is proud to offer top-of-the-line energy storage options, including the Tesla Powerwall. These batteries help homeowners capitalize on any excess solar energy production, allowing it to be stored for later use or emergency purposes.

Interested in finding out if solar battery storage is a good solution for your home energy needs? Semper Solaris can perform an in-home consultation to give you the insight you need.

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Reasons to Invest in Solar Storage

Renewable energy is a growing market and the Bay Area is a proud leader in this area. San Francisco is already drawing more than 40% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources. As a homeowner, solar gives you the opportunity to become more environmentally-friendly; a solar battery is the next step in going green. Thankfully, energy storage technology has improved over the last few years, making it very affordable to invest in a compact and efficient

What else makes investing in a solar battery a good idea?

  • Keeps you off the grid for longer
  • Provides a secure backup energy source in case of blackouts
  • Gives you more control over your utility bills
  • Shields you against rising Time-of-Use rates
  • Allows you more flexibility with type of energy you use

The reality is that a solar battery protects you both from energy emergencies and blackouts, as well as unpredictable changes in Time-of-Use rates. The more utility companies begin to lose grid-tied customers the more they will likely try to make up the costs. Relying as little on the grid as possible means you can save more money in the long run.

Drilling Solar Panels

Grow Your Energy Independence

Most solar customers are still somewhat reliant on the grid. During peak hours, solar customers will face up charged usage costs. All those savings from overproduction hours could go straight towards those spiked peak usage hours. Having a solar battery to cover you during those peak hours can be a game-changer. Not only are you more independent, but you are also protecting your solar savings investment.

Don’t stop at just having a solar panel system. Take your renewable energy game to the next level by investing in solar battery storage. Let our Bay Area solar experts help you get set up! 

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