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Do I Need Solar Battery Storage?

Does your area charge higher energy rates for certain times of the day or extra fees during times of high demand? Add battery storage! Solar Battery Storage will store excess power made by your solar system to use during those peak times.


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What Is Battery Storage?

Battery storage is a fantastic, technical innovation that stores the extra energy your solar panel system gathers to be used when you need it or in the case of a power outage. Since they contain cutting edge innovation that normal batteries don’t, they can easily perform certain tasks that used to be troublesome or impossible, such as load shifting and peak shaving. Your system will also strategically sell some of that excess energy during peak hours, earning back extra money! The best way to find out if a solar battery system is best for you and your home is to ask your local solar company, Semper Solaris. Our team will help you choose the right solar battery storage system for your home, so you can start storing and saving today!

Battery storage lets you sell energy during peak-hours!


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Tesla Powerwall

Smart solar battery storage systems like Tesla Powerwall have intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that let you view your usage and adjust your storage settings on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Pair with solar panels and recharge with the sun to keep your home & machines running for days.

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Tesla solar battery storage in garage

Enphase Storage

The new wave of solar backup systems is here: Enphase.

The Enphase battery not only offers higher peak power output than its competitors but also transfers your stored energy up 6% more efficiently. With simple and easy access via the Enphase Enlighten App and exclusive microinverter technology, the choice is clear. The Enphase battery backup system is the battery to “end” all batteries.

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Enphase Encharge Battery

Rolling Blackouts

Throughout the country, electric companies have begun to implement planned rolling blackouts. With wildfires, polar vortexes, and other extreme weather growing more frequent and more deadly, electric companies are taking steps to stay ahead of disaster.

During times of high fire danger, such as periods of high winds and low humidity, electric companies will notify residents of planned blackout periods. All power will be shut off in certain areas, and will only be restored when the danger has decreased. For some areas, this could be a matter of days until power is available again. In case of an extreme weather event, such as a hurricane or severe blizzard, rolling blackouts may also be implemented to bring the supply of and demand for electricity back into balance and prevent a lengthy statewide blackout.

By gathering energy from solar panels and storing it with a battery storage system, people all over the country can stay prepared for, and even help prevent natural disasters, without sitting in the dark.

When you pair solar panels with battery storage fear of blackouts becomes a thing of the past! This powerful combination allows you to store excess solar power to be used at your leisure! Whether that may be for saving money during peak rate times or for saving lives during an unexpected blackout!

What is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery is a cutting-edge device that stores excess solar power generated during the day. Common types of solar batteries include lithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries. Lithium-ion is the most popular due to its efficiency and reliability.


Keep the power running, keep the lights on, and keep safe in an emergency – while wildly lowering your electric bill!

Batter Storage for Solar Panels on Roof


Return on Solar Investment

Solar battery storage is the best way to be prepared for these planned rolling blackouts. Semper Solaris offers solar panel systems with battery storage, including the most in-demand battery, Tesla Powerwall & Enphase Battery Storage.

Installing a solar battery storage system is the ultimate return on investment. Battery storage is an amazing innovation where extra energy that your system gathers can be stored and used when you need it. Your system will also strategically sell some of that extra energy to the grid during peak hours, earning you credit with the electric company! Not only are you able to keep your power on for 7+ days, but you are also earning credit with the electric company when you sell back surplus energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Storage

Battery Storage Can Save Lives

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Tesla Powerwall & Enphase Battery Storage provides power to medical equipment that people have in their homes, such as CPAP machines. You can store solar energy and have it power your at-home medical equipment.

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